Dear Readers, Please Take Note…

…I wasn’t able to ‘deliver’, as modern phraseology has it, but that does certainly not mean that I got into the throes of OCD, or anything near to it, again.

On the contrary:

I went through major changes concerning the ways I feel and think about mental illness. Sure, mental problems do exist. I’d be the last man on earth to deny this.

But, thing is: I thought long and hard about what it means, in the most practical and everyday sense of these words, what it actually is to be viewed (and view oneself) as an ‘outlier’, as a not-so-normal-person, in the first place.

All of this took its time.

To have OCD (or ADHD, or another ‘condition’), is nothing else than: to experience a response to one’s situation, one’s social environment. And to express that very response, by way of behaviour that others around one cannot understand.

Here is where it may get interesting for you: I did a lot of studying, in the past six months, to clarify my ‘new’ position, first for myself, and now I am ready to offer explanations of my dear readers.

I am certain that in my coming contributions, I will seemingly contradict attitudes and opinions, and interpretations, that I held before.

But that surely does not indicate that I have any wish to ‘erase my former so-called wisdom’, far from that. Wisdom is: trying to be able to learn, and to find some sort of synthesis of all one’s seeing, hearing, and feeling experiences in the past.

Hope to see you back, folks.



One response to “Dear Readers, Please Take Note…

  1. Hi Frank, how are you? I was on the UK OCD forum and reading one of your posts and then I thought: Did I ever e-mail you back? I tried to contact you back then and you contacted me…but I couldn’t remember what happened next. I checked and I did e-mail you, on the first of April 2018. I asked if you preferred English or Dutch. I haven’t figured out if you’re a Dutch speaker, but I never got an answer back.
    I hope things are all right with you? There’s no new blog post (and I was very interested about your opinions on rTMS), but you might be just very busy with other things in life!

    Best regards,

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