A Slight Return

Hello dear, and faithful readers of this blog –

it’s a lovely day.

Seeing that my stories and essays still attract numerous people every day is quite an experience – it makes me happy.

My weblog has been dormant for a long time, in fact for so long that it seems not very useful to go back in time and feel sad about it – better to go ahead.

I will, however, post about all the things that I did and felt in this interim. In many occasions they are directly linked to OCD, so if told in their context, they may be helpful in getting a clearer view on OCD, one’s inner life, and the relationships of this private life with all of outside reality, most of all: other people.

For now, I must log off, and that has to do with the fact that I started a second site; that deals with mental problems (stress, anxeity, depression, ADHD, autism, eating disorders, and others afflictions) within ‘our’ political and economic realities.

My ‘our’ refers to people all over the world, for human communities have become homogenized globally, mainly in economic terms.

I will be back, I hope you folks will be back too!

Best from Frank in Holland.


3 responses to “A Slight Return

  1. Hi Frank.

    I’ve been very impressed by your kindness and wisdom on OCD action.

    I’m wondering whether there is any chance that I can communicate with you on a private basis regarding my struggle with harm OCD.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Scott –

      thank you for you nice words!

      I will return to OCDaction today too. I just wrote a new contibution here, because I want to continue this blog. I’ve had a couple of difficult years, all because of the after-effects of OCD, and moreover because I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder late in life; it’s hard, because you realise, with this knowledge, how different things could have turned out, had it been seen decades earlier.

      I want to reply to others too – I am sorry that I couldn’t be ‘on the radar’ for a long time.

      Best, Frank.

    • Hello Scott –

      sorry for my being so late, I hope you read this. You can mail me at: cuthbert.ffoliott(at)gmail.com.

      Thanks so much for your compliments, and I hope to hear from you!

      Best, Frank.

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