Thanks To All, I Made A Decision

Hi dear friends, followers, and incidental tourists –

I won’t bother you with this blog’s history. I had periods when I wanted to re-write the whole affair. I had other periods when I wanted to ‘loot’ my own work and build a new blog on OCD in a different way.

Then I realized: I got thoughtful and positive replies. Some 80,000 folks took the trouble to take a look. Probably it was the OCD itself that made me think: hey Frank, it’s not good enough… you can do better! Make the perfect blog that will be perfect forever!

Now I think: aw, why take all that unnecessary trouble? Continue this baby, man, you may well cite yourself every now and then, there’s a lot in there already, and there are many new developments as for the research in the neurobiology of OCD, and its treatment.

So: cheers for all your comments and your praise. This is the one. It will be maintained and expanded.

Best from Dutch Frank!


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