Dear faithful followers, please take notice (OCDINFORMATION getting awake again)

Hello everyone –

new additions to this site have been very scarce. The main reasons for this virtual hibernation are OCD-related, but also a late diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) played a huge part. I hope to write some chapters dedicated to these matters – because I think we can learn from such issues, and thereby turn not-so-positive experiences into helpful stuff.

I played around with starting a new blog, and integrate my older postings into the new one, which should be more structured. But this project didn’t have a real lift-off, for the above – yet.

Now that my circumstances got more stable, I just said to myself: please, Frank, don’t ruminate on how it should turn out, that new blog, don’t get stuck in the planning phase (hallmarks of OCD).

So I just started.

So I have the pleasure of inviting you to the new beast. It’s scope is wider: since OCD has a few pretty close brethren, it will also be about ASD, and SUD (substance use disorder, or addiction). In addition, I will write about clinical depression (major depressive disorder, MDD), and schizophrenia (SCZ).

Yes, it’s much, very much. It’s about disorders that are devastating and incapacitating, I can’t emphasize that enough. I hope to raise awareness about these diseases a bit.

But it is also rewarding. Insight means knowledge. It also offers mental handles to properly and decently deal with patients. The knowledge will eventually become part of one’s intuition. I went through this process myself, and it’s a great route to go.

Together we can gradually eliminate misconceptions, misunderstandings, ignorance, things that can have damaging consequences for sufferers of the above afflictions.

Now I have the honour to re-direct you, readers, to the Son Of This Site, namely: That Site:

(Please don’t laugh…)

It’s in its infancy, of course.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for tuning in again and again. And sending nice compliments… only yesterday I found a sidebar with your messages, and I must admit that I shed a couple of tears, because my first effort meant something to people out there.

Thank you. Very much so.

Best to all, Frank.


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