Hi all – finally…

Hi all –

finally, I am in the position to make a re-start with the blog. I want to thank you for being patient, many of you looked here from time to time to see whether there is anything new.

So we’re heading for the 30,000 mark in terms of visits/visitors – that’s a wonderful thing.

I decided to do the following: to start again, in a more focused manner, and not to wade through all previous posts and re-writing and ordering these. That is a very time-consuming thing to do, and I do not have that time. See the past stuff as some point of entry. All of this means that I will, in all probability, write things that already were brought under your collective attention. But all in all I think that it will be the most fruitful way to continue.

Furthermore, I will reply to comments that have been sent in the meantime. Thanks to those who did that.

That’s it for now, folks. Have a great day, Frank.


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