Important Announcement – A Book On OCD From The Perspective Of Patients

Hello everyone –

I am honoured and thankful that I can tell my readers about a to-be-published book on OCD, that is unique. It was written from the perspective of those who deal most intimately with the disorder, or rather: disorders present in this complex and incapacitating illness: the sufferers themselves.

It will be highly useful and provide comfort and knowledge to patients and those close to them. And it will be available at a very affordable price.

Now I am proud to publish here a description by the author herself. I am certain that many of you out there will be interested, and may want to get to know much, more about OCD, from the patients’ perspective. I only would like to emphasize that my blog has no commercial intentions whatsoever, and also that there’s a truly wonderful non-profit website for people who suffer from OCD and related disorders: it is and has proved to be immensely helpful and informative for yours truly.

Here’s the author’s description of her efforts and achievements:


Obsessions, Compulsions and Optimism: True, Honest and Brave Accounts from those who really know what it is like to  Live with OCD….the Sufferers. Hi, my name is Anne Watkins and I have had severe contamination OCD for well over 40 years which is currently around 80% under control. As with many OCD sufferers, my OCD waxes and wanes according to the pressure I am under and how happy and fulfilled I feel. I was lucky enough to have a 12 year respite as a result of going to The Bethlem, and then seeing a wonderful homoeopath who cured my clinical depression once and for all. This allowed me to take an A level, go to University and obtain a BA, and MA and a PhD. When I stopped studying I had a relapse because my brain was not fully occupied but with the help of a great therapist (Morgan) and a week’s course at the OCD Clinic at Tiverton, I am now more able to fight back and deal with my obsessive thoughts.

Just over two years ago, I joined several OCD forums and realised how many other OCD sufferers are struggling just like I was – some without any expert help. I also read several self help books but found that they did not give the whole picture. Firstly, because most were written by professionals without OCD, they tended to understate the complexity of the condition. For instance, I was already aware that most OCD’ers have more than one subtype and have other conditions including depression, eating disorders, ADHD or autism and that many have suffered trauma and may self harm. I knew from personal experience that uncontrolled OCD leads to under performance at school and college, affects job prospects and can result in the inability to work at all. I also knew beyond any doubt from my time at The Bethlem and on the various OCD forums that one size does not fit all. Some sufferers will find medications helpful, many will not. Some will embrace CBT / ERP and find that it brings enormous relief with or without medications, but many will not – especially those with Pure O. Finally, I was very well aware that the need for support from family and friends is vital for recovery and for retaining control. Accordingly, it was absolutely clear to me that what was lacking was a book which deals with OCD in a holistic fashion. And the only people who could write such a book are OCD sufferers.

I started by compiling an extensive on line and paper survey which was very different from those used by the professionals as it entirely comprised questions posed by sufferers. With the help of a friend, I launched the survey on a UK and U.S. forum and obtained 230 completed surveys. It has taken a year and a half to analyse the data and collect stories, book reviews coping tips and poems from sufferers from three different continents but it has been so worth the effort. The end result is sad and joyful, challenging and inspiring and extremely helpful. Indeed, I have learned so much more about OCD since starting the project.

The book is now finished but, alas, it was turned down by the publisher who was interested for economic reasons. I therefore felt that the best ways forward was to use some of my savings to self publish. This may mean that there are no profits to be passed on to OCD Charities, but, as the main reason for the book was to help other sufferers this price is worth paying. In order to go ahead, I still need 30 more people to say they will buy a copy. The price will be £10 per copy.  Please will you let me know if you would. Thanks so much, Anne Watkins.


I will ask Anne about how those interested can contact her in person in the best way ASAP. In the meantime, please drop a comment here on this, or mail to:

Thank you so much for your interest, and also on behalf of Anne: many, many thanks!


As promised, here is the update, to provide you with options for contact with the writer herself; these are her personal Facebook page, and a Facebook page dedicated to the book. Here goes:!/pages/The-Project-A-Book-for-sufferers-of-OCD-by-Sufferers-of-OCD/125609457479139

So there are multiple ways to make your interest in this wonderful book project known.

And do stay tuned, dear readers!


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