Blog To Be Resumed

After quite a long period the blog will continue shortly. Personal circumstances stopped me from posting, despite the fact that I indeed wanted to carry on with providing information. I am happy to say that the matters in question have been resolved. In the next couple of days, I will trawl through that which I already have written (believe me, it can be surprising to get to know again which topics already have been covered…).

Moreover, I will streamline that which is already there a bit. There is some duplication, and perhaps I will also have to change the order of posts around a bit. But I will return next week. And also reply to the comments that have been made in the interim.

As always, thanks for your attention, and for the kind words, and: see you again soon!


2 responses to “Blog To Be Resumed

  1. Hi Cuthbert
    Having made the decision to discontinue posting on the OCD Action forum due to too much stress from one or two members I was hoping to keep up with your briliant research on this website which I have now put into my favourites. Hope to see a resumption of your blog soon, best regards, Joyce (alias Tess)

    • Hullo Tess (Joyce) –

      so nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words, and I can well understand the motives that led to your (hopefully temporary) discontinuation. Sometimes it’s a thin line between posting well-intentioned advice in appropriate words, and doing the same in pretty strict and dogmatic fashion (the latter can be very counterproductive and induce stress).

      The blog will surely get into full swing shortly. I am currently listing potential new topics, and trying to think up a compromise between readability for a general public, and presenting purely scientific findings and theories. I got the most recent editions of three textbooks, and combined they have some 3,500 pages, so there…

      Good to hear from you here, Tess!

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