Well, Yes, We’re Still On Air!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, all my nice plans nosedived. Hope that my dear readers still do a regular check whether new posts will appear – they will, believe me. One thing about an unwanted and long pause is that I must devote some time to look up what I already wrote about… which surely will happen.

Another and unrelated problem is that I must decide to what level of complexity I will aspire; and also which level of ‘simplicity’ is fit for a general readership. Does Joe Public know what a neuron is, for instance? Or messenger molecules in the brain? Perhaps I’ll simply write beforehand about which knowledge I suppose to be already present with my readers, and/or which level of schooling is more or less required to understand concepts such as connectivity in the brain, gray and white matter, synapses and receptors, and so on. It’s a bit hard to say: well, after all you can search for each and every term in Wikipedia…

Stay tuned, and this is also directed at the people who took time and made the effort to give a comment lately. Sorry for my being so late… but better late than never.

Ciao, Frank.


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