Sorry For The Inconvenient Gap

Dear readers –

apologies for the unforeseen gap in posting. Personal circumstances prevented me from fulfilling my promises re: continuation of the blog. I hope you will keep tracking this weblog – from what I gathered, some 100 faithful daily watchers were on the lookout for new info.

It is pretty adventurous to know that there will be more of a scientific approach in the future; I am quite wary of specific dangers inherent in such a treatment, not the least of these is that it will be too dry, too uninviting. So I hope to incorporate the familiar too – I mean: not that what you already know, but what can be grasped by people with and without OCD, immediately, and lead to a better understanding. My favourite example at the moment is: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). And that is because people tend to hide such afflictions in shame, because they probably think they’re alone with them; or secretly hope that ‘it’ll be gone on one fine day’. That, and I speak from experience, causes a lot of sadness and grief. And loneliness too.

So: please don’t give up and watch this space!


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