New Posts To Appear Shortly

Hello dear readers –

since I’m on the brink of having had 8,000+ visits, and proud of it, I feel that I must announce that new posts will appear in a short time. I will try to make the next installment on Friday, May 6. I’ve been too busy with other important issues in the past weeks, I have to add.

We’ve dipped our toes in the mysterious and exciting waters of science already, and it is my plan to continue on that path. So more information will become available about how OCD is researched in humans and animals, about the neural substrates of the disorder (i.e. the brain¬†regions that are prime candidates for the etiology (the ‘how did it come about’) and the pathophysiology (the brain abnormalities detectable in illness, in the broad sense) of OCD, and the modern techniques available to assess structural (size, form) and functional (the working) characteristics of the brain areas of interest (phew, bit of a long sentence here…).

So, stay tuned!


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