Nice To See…

…that, despite a period of silence, many people have visited my blog, and also that specific items have found particular interest with you, the readership. For instance, the item on OCD and infection(s) found good resonance. I think that the association between a psychiatric disorder, and something as ‘materialistic’ as an infection, may be surprising to many. For centuries, mental problems have been seen as something exclusively linked to our ‘mind’, our ‘spirit’, our ‘soul’, our ‘consciousness’, whilst none of these concepts could ever be completely located and thus delineated in a meaningful spatial manner (exempt for the ‘default system’ in the brain – but that is still a topic under close scrutiny, and even then, self-reflection, or self-absorption, is not the whole of our mental life; I think most of you will agree upon that point).

I think a consequence of this is that mental problems will be seen something ‘normal’ in the not too distant future. Excuse me the odd contradiction in terms here, I’m just referring to my earlier remark that psychiatric afflictions will perhaps move back into the realm of neurology; let me remind you here that dear old Sigmund Freud was a neurologist.

There have been some hiatuses in my blog, and I ask you just to stay tuned; there is more coming up in the near future.


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