A Period Of Transition

Hello everyone –

I hope that you still find things of interest in this blog. I am proud that well over 3,000 people have visited by now, and I can trace back that the themes they were looking for were mostly topics inherent in OCD (and depression), and not, for instance, famous people who were mentioned only once in this ongoing blog, by way of example.

A problem for me in continuing into more specific territory concerning OCD was: how detailed will I describe things, before the stories will become too technical for the general reader (I believe that most of you are intelligent ‘general readers’); and: how can I produce informative writing that does not take on the mantle of plagiarism or violate copyrights. Those are two issues that I greatly care about. After serious thought on them, I think I have resolved the main problems here.

You may expect therefore a ‘modular’ treatment of OCD and closely related themes, e.g. ‘OCD and its genetics’, or: ‘OCD and traumatic life events’, or: ‘OCD and current animal models of it’. I do have a personal archive with numerous such modules already written in the rough – after refining these, I will publish them one after another.

Until then, bear with me, and I humbly ask you excuses for any impatience that I may have caused with you, dear readers. After all, you are the ones that made for a nice ‘blog visitor stats’ diagramme, that certainly has a lovely pattern: no sudden highs or lows, but a continuous flow that shows 58 visitors for yesterday, February 16, 2011. A record.

Stay tuned for more info on that most mysterious and very vexing disorder, OCD…

(PS: the title of this particular post refers to an LP/CD of mr. Van Morrison, a great rock/folk/blues artist, who is known for his mood changes and tempers.)

Van Morrison:


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