The Swedish Chef’s Take On Things (Dessert)

i) oobsesseeuns: zeese-a ere-a vurryeeng thuooghts, und durect feers, ebuoot certeeen issooes. Zee issooes ere-a releted tu espects ooff leeffe-a thet effffect iferyune-a: hygeeene-a, seffety, prutecteeng oone’s terreetury, oorder, keepeeng theengs thet ere-a deemed impurtunt, und elsu sexooel und releegiuoos issooes, es vell es egresseeun. In mure-a recent yeers, sume-a furms ooff unxeeety beceme-a mure-a freqooently oobserfed thet ere-a clusely releted tu zee ebufe-a: vurreees ebuoot oone’s budeely eppeerunce-a, fur instunce-a. Noo, cuntrery tu vhet heelthy persuns ixpereeence-a, nemely thet sooch vurreees ere-a ooff a fleeteeng netoore-a, zee peteeent hes zeem in a heeghly repeteetife-a und boordensume-a furm. Zeey keep oon fexeeng zee meend, und leed tu roomeeneting stetes, thet interffere-a veet deeely leeffe-a und cun effffect suceeel releshuns in a demegeeng vey.

iee) cumpoolseeuns: zeese-a ere-a ects thet hefe-a es zeeur poorpuse-a tu qooench zee feers descreebed ebufe-a. It is impurtunt tu knoo thet cumpoolseeuns ellefeeete-a zee vurreees oonly tempurereely, und thet zee feers veell ifentooelly retoorn in zeeur fooll furce-a. Cumpoolseeuns hefe-a pruperteees in cummun veet oobsesseeuns: zeey moost be-a perffurmed noomeruoos teemes und ere-a herd tu stup. Zeey ere-a nutureeuoos becoose-a zeey cun be-a fery teeme-a-cunsoomeeng, und thoos elsu interffere-a veet iferydey leeffe-a, oone’s ooccoopeshun, und oone’s releshunsheeps veet oone’s femeely, freeends, und impluyer (iff zeere-a is oone-a et ell).


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