You May Mail The Administrator – And About ‘Social Vibe’


Two messages of an administrative nature:

To my great delight, I noticed that this weblog has notched up 268 visits by now. That is very satisfying, and I hope that my readers have learned something here. Criticism and comments are very welcome, don’t hesitate about posting these. They can of course be sent in absolute anonimity. It is also possible to email me at:

…which I registered especially for this blog. Your mails will be treated with 100% confidentiality; and of course you can register an external mail-adress yourself for this purpose, e.g. at Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on. I will try to reply ASAP always.

Second: I removed the ‘SocialVibe’ item, because I noticed that in clicking on it, one sees questions related to, for instance, a car brand. Now, I trust the people that made this blog possible completely (, but I don’t want to give the impression that there’s some hidden commercial interest linked with this blog. Trust me: there isn’t. If I find some good cause that does not create such a feeling, I will reconsider. Simple as that.


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