Interlude: About The Organisation Of This Weblog

Dear visitor –

it was a comment via e-mail that gave me the insight that I had to make a brief comment about how this blog is being organised. OCD is a disorder that is very complex, comes in numerous guises, and there are many, many scientific sides to the illness. So in writing about it, chaos always is just around the corner.

At this moment, I write in linear fashion: a series of topics is taking shape, one subject follows another. However, the e-mail mentioned above made me aware that I shortly will return to the heritability of OCD. It is most likely that I will do that in the form of a new post. Later in this expedition, I will look up possibilities to connect related posts tightly together, so that the reader can easily grasp an elaborate issue by linking together posts that share similarities in their content.

Furthermore, as time moves on, I will edit older posts here and there.


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